"Daniel The Lion's Story" on Alice 105.9 Slacker and Steve

including radio montage and full interview during Alice Cares For Kids at Children's Hospital of Colorado

Daniel The Lion Video Playing and With Family

 Video of Daniel The Lion playing, developing and spending time with his family. We miss our precious Lion so much, but are thankful that our Lord Jesus has him in HIS arms. 

NICU Beads of Courage

Daniel's Beads of Courage strand. At this point he has been in the NICU at Children's in Denver for over 10 months, accumulating roughly 1000 beads and stretch nearly 40ft. He was a brave little guy that was strong like a lion.   Special thanks to Beads of Courage for a wonderful program that has brought a positive light to our journey.  http://beadsofcourage.org/ 

Slide Show From Memorial Service

Amazing memories and precious moments with our baby boy during his 14 months here on earth